Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vintage 2009

The grapes

The harvest

in the winery

from the left to the right: the first grape called Voidomatero and it
means the cow' s eye, the other three are Liatiko. Both are native varieties.

in the courtyard

wild nature even in the winery's courtyard.

The harvest of the grapes began on September 6th. Throughout the summer the weather has been fabulous, just like in 2000 (the summer was very dry and cool). On the 11 September we had a rainfall but it didn't affect in the grapes as it remained only one harvest day. The reason that this harvest went so fast is that we had a very good increase of the volume and the maturity of the grapes were homogeneous.
You are all invited to taste from the first moments of the fermentation!
Happy Autumn !