Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Invest in a red...

From the Multiculturiosity.

…which you’ll be glad you have when you realize you also want a case of a Cretian red: Oikonomoy 2006 Liatiko from Domaine Economou. It’s $37.50 and only available in 12′s through Oenopole, but it’s not getting any worse any time soon. So if you can make the investment in a genius red, go for it:
Oikonomoy 2006 Liatiko
Crete red
Volcanic soil
Fresh, young, but perfect for drinking now. Not too big.
Tannic but not too much
Surprise spice that only comes at the end, but not too much
- See more at:http://www.multiculturiosity.com/biodynamic-whites-and-natural-reds-at-the-raspipav-wine-salon/